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Your business is binary…

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You’re either on Offense -or- Defense   When you’re on Offense, you’re making more money. When you’re on Offense, you’re reaching out and finding customers. When you’re on Offense, you’re getting better deals, and making higher... READ MORE

Your Secret Weapon

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Everybody needs one. What’s yours? A calculated day in advance – means getting more done and generating higher revenue by planning your use of time. A single “BIG” thing accomplished daily adds up... READ MORE

The Power of Tiny Gains

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We often convince ourselves that change is only meaningful if there is a large, visible outcome attached to it. We pressure ourselves to make earth-shattering improvements that everyone will talk about.   But,... READ MORE

The House Always Wins

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Guess what?  The good news is that YOU’RE the house. If it’s your business, If you’re in control, If you make the big decisions, If you’re the responsible one, If at the end... READ MORE