2018 Marketing Wheel

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Your Core Story
When someone asks you: “What do you do?”… How do you answer?  If you say: “I’m in the bike business” or a similar answer, then you’re missing an opportunity. Your “core story” is a 30 second concise blurb on not only what you do, but what you specialize in or are known for.  


Branding (Word of Mouth Marketing)
Your brand is the “key” to your business. It’s not just a logo, it’s who you are and the expectation of the value your customer will get visiting your business. “Branding” is a buzz-word that used to be known as “word of mouth”. These days, it’s the best and cheapest way to market your business long-term. 


Email Marketing
Email is the most efficient way to communicate with all of your customers. Your email list might be the most valuable asset your business has. Even with lower open rates these days, it is still very effective and sure to make you money over the course of the next 10 years.  


Referral Programs
Customer referrals buy more often, negotiate less, are more loyal, and talk about your business more. And the best part, it’s easy to have multiple referral programs that cost you very little to attract new customers. 


HIre a superstar
This usually brings a smile or a quizzical look to most people’s faces. “A super- star” can revolutionize your business. Replacing or adding an employee with a personality that “melts” a customer’s resistance is a magical thing. As the saying goes: “You might have to kiss a lot of frogs to find… 


Social Media Marketing
If you’re over 30 read this carefully: “Your customers are spending 50% of their free time on facebook, instagram or snapchat. That means THIS is where you’ll find new & current customers.  It’s easy, but time consuming, and we will help you figure out the best ways of getting attention on these platforms.   


Rep / Vendor Relations
You’re probably already good at this. After all, you spend a lot of money with your reps & vendors. But coming from being a rep and a vendor, I will give you a hundred good reasons to get better at dealing with them -and- what to ask for to help you increase your business geometrically.   


After The Sale
“The sale is not over until it’s over” You already know all the great sales techniques. You’ve studied them, read about them, even taken training courses. You will become even more effective by doing a quick followup and learning one key strategy called the 10-10-10..  $10 bucks in 10 minutes for 10 years of customer loyalty. 

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