“The 10-10-10 Customer Retention Plan”

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I bought a pair of sneakers from a store that sent me an email 3 days later, asking me how I like them. The following week I received a cool looking gym bag in the mail, thanking me for shopping with them for the first time. I told everybody about that bag.

My dentist calls me later in the day after a visit to see how I’m doing. My car service center puts paper floor mats down, plastic seat protectors, and will pick me up or drop me off If I need a ride. You don’t think I love that? I have frequent flyer miles with Jet Blue. I always look at their schedules first when planning a trip. Fedex guarantees next day delivery. I don’t even look anywhere else if I need a package sent quickly. What do you do for your customers to keep them coming back? What’s it worth to you to keep a customer for more than their initial purchase?

“The 10-10-10 Plan”. Here’s an easy concept that is guaranteed to keep your customers spending money with you – 10 bucks & 10 minuets for 10 years.

It’s so easy, and so inexpensive, and so distinctive that your custoers will tell everybody about your business and keep coming back themselves.

Here’s what you do:
1. After bike purchase: make a friendly call to thank them, and invite to a free 1 hr bike maintenance group lesson.
2. One week later, mail a thank you package with 2 tubes in their size, chain lube and patch kit. – Unannounced.

Total $10 – Time 10 minutes – Value 10 years and $thousands of dollars in good will… Because they will tell everyone they know about this. What’s the lifetime value of YOUR customers worth? $10 bucks?
They will never go to your competition, and will remain your customer. “The 10-10-10 Plan”: ten bucks & ten minutes for ten years.

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