Your business is binary…

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You’re either on Offense -or- Defense


When you’re on Offense, you’re making more money.
When you’re on Offense, you’re reaching out and finding customers.
When you’re on Offense, you’re getting better deals, and making higher margins.
When you’re on Offense, you don’t care as much about the competition or radical changes going on around you.When you’re on Defense, you worry more.
When you’re on Defense, you’re filled with excuses that overwhelm you.
When you’re on Defense, you’re showing weakness & feeling pain.

To change from Defense to Offense, make a couple of simple changes. You’ll feel great about it…

1.  Shorten your rep meetings in half. Spend no more than 20 min with a rep and entice them to help you grow your business by asking for what you really want:
– Have them take their own inventories BEFORE speaking to you
– Make sure they write up defects & returns before anything else
– Ask to be informed about closeouts before anyone else.
– Can they comp you a free product to give-a-way to your email list. This will mean increased sales for them.
– Make sure they know you appreciate their good service. Reps have more input with their companies than you can imagine.

2. Delegate social media, facebook, & instagram posts to the kids on your staff. Give them an incentive to do well and post interesting photos & content- Regularly

3. Update your email list. If you don’t have one, get help starting one, and if you have an existing one, do more give-a-ways, fun & short events. Don’t just send photos of bikes. They see that everywhere else…

4. Bonus your staff & yourself.  I know someone who pins (20) $5 bills on a board. Every time a particular sales item is sold, the salesman runs to the back and grabs a fiver off the board, and signs their name where they took it from. That $100 bucks brought in thousands of extra dollars. *(you can do the same with repairs or overhauls)

5. There’s no more $800+ a month yellow page bills, so don’t just save the money.  Have a budget for give-a-ways. Be creative and don’t forget that every time your customer takes something home with your name & logo on it, they will be reminded where they shop. It’s a simple and effective for long term marketing.


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