Your Secret Weapon

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Everybody needs one. What’s yours?
  • A calculated day in advance – means getting more done and generating higher revenue by planning your use of time.
  • A single “BIG” thing accomplished daily adds up to 30 “BIG” things a month, 365 “BIG” things a year, 3,650 “BIG” things in 10 years.  Can you imagine the secret power in 3,650 “BIG” things accomplished?
  • Delegate – an important strategy of high-powered businessmen: Do only what gets you closer to your goals: whatever they me be, ie. money, happiness, respect, legacy…
  • Patience – who has time for patience?… Have more of it. As your mother would say: “it’s good for you.”
  • Just plain “down & dirty” hard work.  This is the real secret to success. There are no shortcuts.
  • The Secret Formula:  Planning + Focus + Delegation + Patience + Hardwork = succeeding at any goal you choose.

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